Trending Gas Vs. Electric Fireplaces

Trending Gas Vs. Electric Fireplaces

**shown above: a 36” square gas fireplace- rear vented**

Homeowners love fireplaces!

  • According to a 2013 survey by the National Association of Realtors in the U.S., 40% of buyers said they would pay extra for a fireplace.
  • Of realtors surveyed, 70% said a home’s value would increase if it had at least one fireplace.
  • The National Center for Real Estate Research discovered that a home’s value would increase by about 12% for each fireplace.

While our desire for a fireplace isn’t new, what that fireplace looks like, and how it operates, is changing. This has homeowners comparing gas fireplaces vs. electric fireplaces.

Here are a few suggestions to discuss with your Winnipeg Home Builder.


  • Designing with gas has its limitations as shelf heights, mantel sizes and locations all matter with gas. There is consideration for venting and location in a house along with sizing for your space.
  • Electric fireplaces are a fancy space heater so there’s no venting and almost no restrictions for surrounding materials and finishes.
  • Both heating systems can be purchased in a traditional square box or the modern lineal design ranging from 30” to 100” wide!
  • When designing with your Winnipeg Home Builder, make sure you look at all the options as the fireplace industry is always making changes to stay on top of the current trends.

50” Dimplex prism electric Fireplace


  • The average 50” lineal gas unit ranges from 22,000 to 30,000 BTU’s
  • This is going to be able to heat a large space The average 50” Lineal electric unit ranges up t0 9000 BTU’s and 3000 watts
  • You can place a huge electric unit in a small space as you can operate it with levels of heat or no heat at all (just have the flame on and no heat) When designing your entertainment wall in a great room, basement, master bedroom or anywhere else you vision a space heated by a beautiful flame, consult with your Winnipeg Home builder to see what the best decision is to supply the right amount of heat for the space.


    • Gas fireplace have more involved- Gas lines, venting & certified installers are needed. This is the more expensive option but gives more heat and a real flame
    • Electric Fireplace: A carpenter can install and there’s noting but an electrical outlet needed. These unit would be 25% less than a gas on average.

Chat with your Winnipeg Home Builder for some education on your best options!


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