Home Builder Tips – Designing Your Dream Kitchen

Home Builder Tips – Designing Your Dream Kitchen

Your kitchen is your home’s heart and soul, so it’s worth putting some thought into designing it. Whether you love to cook or just want a space to gather with friends and family, there are some things to consider when designing your dream kitchen. A well-thought-out design will create a space that meets your needs.

Intro Kitchen

A kitchen should reflect your personality, lifestyle, and needs. You want this to be a space that is comfortable for the whole family. Before you design your dream kitchen, think about features you’d like to add, the way you currently use, or how you want to use your kitchen. You want to keep in mind every aspect of your present-day lifestyle and design a kitchen that will improve your quality of life.



Each kitchen design is unique. With so many things to consider, it can be difficult to know where to start. How you plan to use your kitchen will help determine the best layout for you.

Consider the following questions as you review your space and start planning:

  • How much prep surface do you typically require?
  • Do you want a space large enough for gatherings with friends or family?
  • Ergonomics – does higher or lower storage work best for you?
  • Lighting – mood, feature, ambient and task lighting are all to be considered.

Functionality Kitchen

These are just a few of the questions that will help you narrow down your needs and find a space that’s just right for your lifestyle.


Maximize Storage

Storage Kitchen

Style is an important part of any kitchen design but making a space that works for you and is functional should be a top priority.

Use cabinets that are deep and wide to house your glassware or try adding pull out storage to spice drawers. It’s the ultimate solution for wasted space in your kitchen with the drawers on the bottom of most cabinets.

Having adequate cupboard and drawer space is key to helping you store your everyday utensils, appliances, and cookware. The placement of cabinets and drawers also determines how easy it will be to access said items when you need them.


Cabinet & Countertop Colours

Choosing the perfect colour palette for your kitchen can be tough. We want to make sure all those colours blend seamlessly and cohesively with the rest of your home.

Cabinet & Countertops

White and off-white kitchens are timeless and bright. It’s a look that is very clean, fresh, and minimal. Adding black hardware can give it that hint of modernity for a contemporary look.

Black Kitchen

Black kitchens are a real showstopper in a home and can give your home an updated stylish look that everyone will notice. Black cabinets have an industrial feel, making them a great choice for those who want to add something dynamic to their home.

Dark Tones

Dark wood tones add a richness that is often missing in more modern kitchen spaces. When paired with white countertops, it’s the perfect combination of contrasting colours and finishes.


White countertops also tend to bounce more light around the room – helping to brighten up the space.

Contrast Kitchen

Contrasting dark cabinetry with a lighter shade of quartz countertops is an easy pairing. The neutral tones are easy on the eyes, and don’t overwhelm.



Lighting can make all the difference in your dream kitchen and is a feature that should not be overlooked. You can utilize great lighting in your kitchen to improve its overall look and feel.


Overhead lighting serves for more than an ambient light source but can also be used as an accent piece in your kitchen. The right overhead lighting can transform a space into something that is stylish yet practical.


Under-cabinet lighting is a great way to make those dark corner areas that are otherwise impossible to reach brighter. It is a practical and functional way to illuminate your kitchen space while also allowing more light to prepare meals and read recipes.

Natural Light

Natural light is not only necessary for cooking but also for creating a welcoming ambiance. Large windows can help pour in a lot of natural light, making your kitchen feel open, bright and airy.


Prep Surfaces

Choosing the right kitchen prep surfaces can transform your food preparation. Understanding the different surface options will help you determine what type of countertop will suit your lifestyle and provide the best value, durability, and stain and scratch resistance.

One of the most important aspects of decorating your dream kitchen is choosing the right countertop material.


Quartz countertops are a great option for making a room truly shine. With a wide range of colours to choose from, quartz has become a popular countertop choice among customers. Quartz is incredibly durable and has a low-maintenance surface that is easy to clean and is both stain and scratch resistant. Although quartz countertops may be expensive depending on the size of your kitchen, the durability and style for years to come will make up for the initial investment.

An alternative to quartz countertops is laminate, which is both affordable and stylish. Laminate countertops offer a wide range of colors, styles, and prices that can fit into the budgets of almost any homeowner. Although laminate countertops are fairly heat and stain resistant, you’ll need to handle them with care as they can be prone to scratches.



A kitchen island is a versatile piece that can really change up the look and feel of your kitchen. They are perfect for everything, especially extra counter space to prep meals. When it comes to countertops on a kitchen island, the style is just as important as the material.

Waterfall Edge

If you choose a waterfall edge on the countertop, it flows uninterrupted all the way down along bottom of the cabinets. The edges will help protect the sides of the countertop from spills and splatters, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Island Countertop

A kitchen island countertop with an overhang is designed to sit on one side and have the stools tuck underneath when not in use. The overhang is great way to provide you with more space and flexibility.

Consider how you will use your kitchen in terms of functionality and lifestyle before deciding on your prep surfaces – what you choose will largely depend on your lifestyle and budget.



A fantastic kitchen should function and flow smoothly, while providing a place for you to unwind, cook, and dine. It should be a backdrop to the great times spent with family. It’s all about your personal style as well as functionality when it comes to designing your kitchen. There’s no right or wrong way to design – it all depends on your initial goal.







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