GST Rebate


In many cases, purchasers may be eligible to claim a GST Rebate for a portion of the GST they pay on the purchase price or cost of building a new home. New home buyers can apply for a 36% rebate of the 5% GST applicable to the purchase price to a maximum of $6,300 for homes costing $350,000 or less (before GST). For new homes priced between $350,000 and $450,000 (before GST), the GST Rebate is reduced proportionately.

No. New homes priced $450,000 or higher (before GST) are not eligible to receive a GST Rebate.

The qualified GST rebate amount is subtracted on the offer to purchase (shown on a separate line). At the time of possession, you’ll sign a release form that will allow us to remit the rebate application form on your behalf to receive the rebate previously given in advance to you.

No. One of the main conditions for a new housing rebate to be available is that you must buy or build the house for use as your or your relation’s primary place of residence. Your primary place of residence is generally a house that you own, jointly or otherwise, and that you intend to live in on a permanent basis. You may have more than one place of residence, but you are considered to have only one primary place of residence.

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